January 16, 2018

WordCamp Austin – Sold Out!

Wow! We’re excited to announce that we’ve sold out of tickets for Austin’s first WordCamp. We’d love to have more & people register & attend, but the Fire Marshal might disagree. Until we’re able to hold WordPress in the TARDIS, space limitations are going to be a factor.

We know there are people wanting to still register & we’ll do what we can to ensure as many people as physically possible get a ticket.

Space, though, is a limiting factor.

Stay tuned for speaker announcements and more.


  1. Kim Evazians says:

    I meant to sign up as soon as I saw this. I didn’t realize there was such limited capacity. Please keep up posted if there is another venue to accommodate more people and please keep me on the wait list! Thank you very much.

  2. Emily Siegel says:

    Definitely hoping there is an option to get tickets! Could you put me on the wait list? Thanks!

  3. Carol Valk says:

    I’m just getting into WordPress and I would be very interested in attending a WordCamp in Austin. If things change and you find a larger venue, please let me know. Thanks.

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