January 16, 2018

WordCamp Austin tickets selling fast – got yours yet?

Update: We’ve now sold out.

Whoa! As of this posting, we’re at fifteen tickets left for the first WordCamp Austin. Awesome!!!

Got your ticket yet?


  1. Catarina says:

    Can’t you get a bigger venue? If you’re sold out nearly two months in advance of the event, you have a market!!

  2. patrick says:

    We weren’t able to get a larger venue in time, Catarina. The first location fell through.

  3. Kristin says:

    Is there a waiting list? If so, how do we get on it?

  4. patrick says:

    Not one that’s open & can be signed up on. We’re keeping a tab on people who’ve asked to be on a list so if any tickets open up, we can release those who’ve asked about it first, second, etc. Right now, there aren’t any attendees who’ve asked about canceling their tickets.

  5. Ben Farinas says:

    How much are tickets generally ?


  6. Carol Valk says:

    When do you think you will have another WordCamp. I’d like to attend too.

  7. Stephen says:

    Please add myself +1 to the waiting list . Like Carol, I am wanting to know if there are any future camps on your radar given how quickly this one sold out. As well, is there a list I can join in order to know about the next one before it has sold out? Thanks in advance!

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