January 16, 2018

WordCamp ATX: Stephanie Leary

Stephanie Leary
Content Importing & Migrating

She discussed how she has imported sites from a variety of formats including Blogger, Moveable Type, Joomla, Drupal, Twitter, Gallery2, HTML files.

She demonstrated her plugin, Import HTML Pages. She says that it has close to a 100% accuracy rate for converting pages, assuming they are coded cleanly. It even has a clean up option for HTML created by MS Word. She warns that it will choke on an empty file.

She also demonstrated her Gallery2 Importer plugin. It brings all images into the media manager.

Secrets to happy importing:

  • Do a backup!!
  • Be prepared to undo the import.
  • Import on a development server if you can, or turn on maintenance mod.
  • Importing takes a lot of memory.
  • Turn off cross-posting plugins (livejournal, facebook, twitter, etc.) or you will flood all imported posts.
  • Use absolute URLs for linked files.

Useful plugins:

  • DB Backup
  • Mass Page Remover – will allow you to enter range of IDs and will delete them all
  • WordPress Reset – Gives you a clean install
  • Maintenance Mode

WordPress export (.com to .org or .org to .org)

  • will do posts, pages, comments, authors
  • not settings, menus
  • categories unless you changed the slug (gives you a new default if you did)
  • skips users with no posts

Discussed plugins/scripts for less common imports, custom imports, character set conversions (see presentation for more details).

After Importing – Plugins

  • Search & Replace
  • Redirection
  • Add Linked Images to Gallery

Migrating Single Installations into Networks
(see Stephanie’s blog for more details)

  • Back up
  • Be prepared to undo
  • Use development server


XML is simple but limited. MySQL is more complicated but complete; it does become difficult with merging users.

Moving users: “stab yourself in the eye with a fork” (see her presentation and blog for more details).

After migrating:

  • Move static files
  • Change upload file paths
  • options/settings
  • posts
  • theme files

Combine .htaccess.

Stephanie’s presentation on SlideShare

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