December 15, 2017

WordCamp ATX: Nick Batik

Nick Batik
Migrating Static Sites
(or, what to say when people tell you, “You can’t do that in WordPress…”)

Nick shows how he converted the content of a book to a WordPress website in a week (using the electronic text files).

Nick is demonstrating Pods CMS. Use the full power of the MySQL database WordPress is using.

Powerful plugin that allows you to create different templates and pull information directly out of the database for website rather than create individual posts/pages for each chunk of information. You have full power of PHP to manipulate data.

Once text is imported, you have an edit box, article information, other data fields.

You can create a lot of content with interacting pieces such as bibliographic reference information, which is difficult to find via the standard search box. You can link the reference to a specific line in the original text.

You can export your Pods package to use for another website or for sale.

When does it make sense to use Pods?

  • Set different user levels not possible with custom post types
  • When you have different kinds of data types
  • When you have a lot of necessary interaction of data (For example, because you can use PHP, you can do live conversion of pounds to grams within WordPress)
  • Pods relate different datatypes (images, text, taxonomies) to one another.

For more information on Pods, check out the Pods CMS website. They have a good user guide, Q&A, and chatroom. (FYI, the forum on the Pods site is running Pods).

Download (PDF, 375.12KB)

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