December 15, 2017

WordCamp ATX: John Chandler

Welcome to WordCamp ATX 2010.

I’ll be posting throughout the day from WordCamp Austin, both here and on Twitter at #wcatx.

First speaker: John Chandler
Before the Famous Five Minute Install

First question: to ask: Is WordPress the best choice?
Answer: YES! vs Self-Hosted
With self-hosting you get the power to do whatever you want. You get complete control over your site and choose your own options. Downside is you also have to manage your own security.

Don’t host WordPress on a Windows server.

Questions to consider about your site:

There is so much to think about when starting a website.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What actions do you hope your audience will take?
  • Who are your main competitors? How do you differ?
  • What are 3-4 key concepts do you hope someone will take away from your site?

Consider look and feel.

Moo’d cards

Omnigraffle is a great program for flowcharts on the Mac.
also: balsamiq

Sitemaps, flow charts, wireframing


Free themes
WordPress does review all free themes that they make available through the WP repository.

Pro Themes
Some people like:

Often pro themes have several options built in to allow you to customize.

May be vanilla but offers a lot on the backend for customization

  • Thesis
  • Genesis
  • Thematic

Custom Themes
Most expensive option
Many will be built on frameworks


Doing a client questionnaire is a great idea – if the client can’t/doesn’t want to answer questions, this is a red flag. There is a lot that goes into a website and clients need to be prepared.

Going rates for WordPress development in Austin:

Anything we can create in Photoshop we can do in WordPress. Websites do not need to look like a blog.

E-commerce suggestions:

  • PHP Purchase
  • Shopify

John has his presentation on his website: Before the Famous Five Minute Install


  1. I’ve uploaded the slides from my presentation at

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