February 19, 2018

Nick Batik

Nick BatikWho Are You:
I’m a carbon-based, biological entity. I’ve been a web developer since 1994, WordPress developer and consultant since 2007. I love WordPress because I can be both an artist and a programmer. I just discovered Genesis and am huge fan. I’m an african-djembe drummer, amateur photographer, digital artist, and martial arts practitioner who loves specialty micro-brews and great single malt scotch.

Who do you work for?
I founded a small design firm, Pleiades Publishing Services in 1992. Technically I work for my clients, and apparently the IRS.

What do you do?
Design and develop business websites in WordPress. We have clients worldwide ranging from individual entrepreneurs to USGS, and the US Bureau of Land Management. The power of WordPress lets us create the kind of complex, full-featured websites that just a few years ago were only available to big businesses.

How long have you worked with WordPress?
I built my first WordPress site in early 2007, and have used it exclusively for all my clients ever since.

What is your favorite type of BBQ?
You haven’t lived until you have had spice-rubbed, smoke-cured wildebeest.

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