February 19, 2018

John Chandler

Speakers are being finalized for WordCamp Austin 2010. As they are confirmed, we'll showcase them on the website.

John ChandlerWho are you?
I’m John Chandler. Moved to Austin in 2008 with my wife and three small children, and we love it. I love doing creative work and thinking about how to do it better, which I blog regularly about at http://www.byjohnchandler.com. I also mutter regularly on twitter as @johnchandler

Who do you work for?
I work for whoever wants to hire me as a freelance WordPress designer and developer. I also work part-time as the pastor of a small church start-up called Austin Mustard Seed.

What do you do?
I created a personal blog using WordPress in 2004 and have been using it ever since. As a WordPress consultant, I’ve had a role in the creation of over sixty WordPress sites, working with clients across the United States.

What is the topic you’ll be speaking about?
Before the Famous Five-Minute Install

Some of the best work you can do on a new website comes before WordPress dubs you sparky. We’ll take a practical look at how everything from hosting to site mapping to design inspiration can guide your site creation before you even install WordPress.

What is your favorite type of BBQ?
Depends on my mood when I step up to the counter, but it’s likely going to be Rudy’s Spicy Chopped or Extra Lean Brisket on any given day.

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